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We will continue to provide IT tools such as casino tools.

Welcometo Our Site

We are based in Hong Kong and will provide tools that can be used in various online casinos.

If you have the tools you want, you can develop new ones.

Feel free to contact us.


What is RTP

In the midst of various forms of gambling, how many people truly understand which one is the most profitable?


Which gambling method can earn the most?


The answer is simple: casinos are the easiest to profit from.


The table below represents the RTP (Return to Player).


It's important to note that this isn't based on the total amount wagered, but rather the ratio for each individual bet. RTP, or Return to Player, is a figure that represents how much of the wagered money will be returned to players. For instance, a lottery with an RTP of 45% means that if you purchase 100 million yen worth of tickets, only 45 million yen would be returned as winnings.


The remaining 55 million yen becomes profit for the organizer.


If the RTP is less than 100%, but you're still in the black, it's typically because you're experiencing short-term variance.


If you continue to wager the same amount indefinitely, your results will converge to the theoretical value over time.


In reality, if the RTP is less than 100%, the house will always win. Understanding this, many people attempt to come out ahead using system bets. However, if the fundamental RTP is low, it poses a tough challenge


Why Blackjack

We mentioned that casinos are the easiest places to earn money.


Even within the casino games, for blackjack, by rigorously playing using the basic strategy, you can achieve an RTP of around 99%, the highest among casino games (excluding certain conditions in craps).


Baccarat, often called the king of casino games, is believed in some parts of Southeast Asia to have an increased RTP by observing the 'bead road'.


If observing the bead road changed the odds of each game, it would be unthinkable for the casino to openly show it.


One could understand this if they objectively and calmly think about it.


In the West, there are hardly any players who observe the bead road, but in Southeast Asia, it's revered as if there's a secret to winning.


However, regardless of whether you observe the bead road or not, the RTP for baccarat remains around 98%.


If this RTP exceeds 100%, theoretically, it becomes possible to always win and earn money.


As many already know, within the casino games, blackjack allows for the possibility to exceed an RTP of 100% by card counting.


There was a movie based on the real story of MIT students wanting to pay their tuition fees by profiting from card counting, aptly titled "Bringing Down the House".


※What's crucial to understand here is that just because one counts cards, it doesn't mean they will surely win in the game right in front of them. This isn't about just one game or a short number of games.


Using our tool

Those who have actually played will understand that often the counting value doesn't increase, and it's hard to win big.


Much of the time just goes by.

There are many instances where, even after hours of counting, the expected value doesn't rise at all.


While you're fixated on counting, you're tied down in front of your smartphone or computer, and more often than not, all your efforts end up being in vain.


Even if you change the counting system to make it easier to rise, the reliability of the expected value will decrease.


However, by using this tool, you will be freed from such concerns.


The capabilities depend on the "ninja rank" which we'll explain later. Those ranked "Genin" (lower ninja) are still in training, so they can only do basic play.


However, if you're ranked "Chunin" (middle ninja) or higher, the tool will automatically count for you and then play based on that counting value.


This is a groundbreaking feature that other tools don't have. For this tool, if you contract at the Chunin level or above, you'll essentially achieve an RTP above 100%.


The mere fact that it's an automatic counting tool is already revolutionary, but on top of that, it automatically takes action based on the counting value. While this in itself makes it a high-spec tool, the tool has a hidden "secret ninja technique" mechanism to further increase the RTP.


The occurrence frequency of this technique differs between Chunin and Jonin levels, and it's random within the same rank, so it can't be generalized.


But by using the secret ninja technique, you can teleport to a table with a high count and start playing. For the sake of argument, let's assume an RTP of 103%.


Many people keep losing at casinos, but most games have an RTP ranging from 96% to 98%.


How much have you lost with that?

Let's take a simple example of a player who lost $30,000 by flat betting $1,000,000 on a game with a 97% RTP.


For a user with a Jonin contract, if the RTP is hypothetically 103%, the -3% simply turns into +3%. So, if they were always flat betting with that value, they would end up winning $30,000. Many commonly available information products advertise as if they can guarantee profits, but in reality, they are tools that are sure to result in losses.


As you can see, this tool, in theory, can lead to wins.


Therefore, we don't need to edit past play records or balance figures, nor do we use false advertising claims or data such as fictional message histories from non-existent people claiming victories.


By the way, advertising in the aforementioned deceptive manner is not only dishonest but also a criminal act.

tica Light is an easy-to-read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.

Reasons Why Counting inBlackjack is Advantageous

For instance, imagine rolling a dice. If the player correctly guesses odd or even, they win and receive double their bet amount.


If they guess incorrectly, they lose and their bet amount drops to 0.


With this setup, the odds of winning are 1/2 with a double payout, making it a zero-sum game with an RTP (Return to Player) of 100%.


However, with these odds, the casino wouldn't profit.


To counter this, the casino might introduce a certain percentage fee on winning bets, or if the outcome is the same as the previous roll, even though the player should have won, the round is replayed.


Such rules lower the RTP, making it a negative-sum game in favor of the casino.


In blackjack card counting, even with such unfavorable rules, the game takes advantage of the rule that once a card is used, it isn't reused.


To put this in terms of the dice example, it's like a rule where numbers that have appeared disappear. By understanding and utilizing dependent events, where past outcomes influence future outcomes, future predictions are based on logic rather than superstition.


Let's say there's a situation where there are 3 odd numbers left and 1 even number on the dice.


The probability of rolling an odd number in this case is \(3/4\) or 75%.


Betting on odd in this scenario increases the likelihood of winning and earning.


The remaining \(1/4\) or 25% probability relates back to the initial point that "you won't necessarily always win in the short term."

various tactical patternsTypes of Ninjutsusystem bet

Practicable techniques vary depending on the ninja rank. Up to the 'Chunin' level, they are the standard ones, so there should be no need for explanation.


Upon reaching 'Jonin', there is a strategy called 'Kelly-D'Alembert'.


This calculates the expected value based on each counting value.


As you play, the counting value fluctuates, and this strategy allows you to play with an amount suited to that value - a very characteristic method for high-ranking ninjas.


Genin Basic Techniques:Flat Bet / Martingale / Parlay

Chunin Additional Techniques:D'Alembert

Jonin Additional Techniques:Kelly-D'Alembert

Announcement of the plan

There are 6 main plans


In the previous section, I explained the general features for each ninja rank.

The most distinctive feature of this tool is that it comes with a dedicated ninja BOT that plays on your behalf in the casino, using techniques according to its rank.

This means that individuals who are constrained by time and can't play often, beginners without the technical know-how, or those who tend to lose frequently due to poor mental discipline can now engage in casino play without the limitations of time, lack of skills, or mental vulnerabilities leading to loss of funds.

The most important thing is to play according to RTP (Return to Player).

Naturally, there will be times when you profit significantly or make losses, but eventually, the figures will converge around the theoretical value.

For games like Baccarat, one can't consistently profit with flat betting, which is why I believe most people use system betting.

In real casino play, there are times when returns exceed 200%, but there are also times when it's reduced to 0%.

However, if one continues to play by the numbers, the results will almost always converge to the RTP's theoretical value.

What follows is a simulation where the RTP is assumed to be 103%, and 10,000 games are played with a flat bet of 1000 yen.

For reference, here's a simulation of playing Baccarat with an RTP of 98% for 10,000 games, betting 1000 yen flat each time.

The automatic Ninja BOT takes the optimal action, allowing even complete beginners to play at a professional level.

For middle-ranking ninjas, betting more than 1% of the capital becomes risky.

However, for high-ranking ninjas, the activation of their secret techniques is more frequent, reducing the risk in comparison.

Although novice ninjas may be considered skilled in the casino and often play in a manner that benefits them, the flat betting does not meet 100% RTP, implying a risk.

About Card Counting

Regarding the counting system, it's a refined version of the ZEN system.
Globally, the card values used in ZEN have been further scrutinized, resulting in a system where the counting value doesn't easily increase with minor biases in card distribution.
Therefore, if the counting value is high in this tool, it means there is a significant expected value.
It's not of low accuracy like the "Hi-Lo" system, nor does it have the adverse effect of the "RAPC" where the counting value shoots up if a few '5's are dealt due to seeking high precision, which can lead to significant discrepancies during actual gameplay.

This tool can be updated smoothly at any time due to server management. However, this requires that the operating environment is set up appropriately.

Recommended Operating Environment

The necessary PC specifications to use this tool are as follows:

CPU: Intel Core i5 or later 

Memory: 8GB or more

If your PC doesn't meet the above specifications, there's a risk that it might not operate properly due to insufficient processing power.


If your PC doesn't meet the criteria or if you don't have a PC, you will need to prepare a VPS (Virtual Private Server) on your own.


☆Easy 3-Step Installation☆

1. After filling out the application form and confirming the payment, we will send you a system link via email.

2. Connect to your PC or VPS, receive the email, and install the software.

3. Once authenticated on the management server, the tool will become usable.


※Please note that due to authentication and other processes, there might be a delay before the service starts.

Ninja Referral Commission

If a person introduced by a Chunin or higher-ranked contract holder signs up for a Chunin or higher rank, the referrer can permanently receive 10% of the monthly usage fee for as long as the referred individual is using the service.

*Note: If the referrer's ID is not confirmed during the initial registration, this benefit does not apply.*

Ninja Lecture

Q.1 Which casino sites can this be used on?


A.1 Some casino sites prohibit automated play, while others allow it at the user's own risk. We have developed compatibility for seven casino sites. We do not publicly disclose these sites to avoid potential countermeasures. After contracting, we will ask you to select a site. Please note that the terms of service can change, possibly resulting in account restrictions; hence, using the tool is at your own risk. On a certain new casino site (whose trustworthiness is unknown), we have been negotiating for an official permission that only players registered through our affiliate link can operate automated play 24/7.

Q.2 Are there any operating requirements?

A.2 As mentioned in the operating flow, we recommend a PC with a CPU of Intel Core i5 or laterand memory of 8GB or more. If you want to operate with peace of mind, please prepare a PC or VPS that meets the above specifications.

Q.3 Will the casino detect this?


A.3 We've taken various precautions, but security systems can change. In such cases, we provide free upgrades. The Kelly Criterion system, available only for elite ninjas, specializes in disguising bet amounts, making it harder to detect.

Q.4 Is it guaranteed to win?


A.4 If the number of trials is small, fluctuations can naturally occur. Even if a game's RTP is 500%, it doesn't mean that the win rate for a single game will exceed 100%. So, please be careful when setting your funds and bet amounts.

Q.5 What are the payment methods?


A.5 We entrust payments to an external payment agency. Please make your payment through them.

Q.6 How do I cancel my membership?


A.6 Please contact us through the form. Refunds are not provided on a prorated basis even if you cancel in the middle of the month, so we recommend applying for cancellation at the end of the month. If you decide to re-register later, you won't be charged an initial registration fee. You can re-use the service by only paying the monthly fee.

Q.7 Why do you offer this tool instead of using it yourself?


A.7 There are benefits in having many people use it. Traditionally, a ninja's role is to gather a lot of information from the opponent to have an advantage in battle. The tool is already powerful, but by having many ninjas perform in various battles, accumulated information can enhance the accuracy of this tool. While the details are a secret ninja technique and cannot be disclosed, if there are errors or improvements to be made, we will periodically upgrade to provide a better tool to our ninjas.

​Q.8 Is there a limit to the number of users?


A.8 The current information products in circulation only seem to emphasize over-performance, and I haven't found any others. Although the "Genin" rank has a higher expected value and is better than these worthless products, we can offer it for free to any number of users. We provide it out of a desire to help those who were deceived into paying money and then lost using other tools. However, there is a cap on the number of users, which is confidential: the "Chunin" rank has a limit to a certain number, and the "Jonin" rank has an even smaller quota. This is because the counting blackjack ninja technique is too powerful, and we want to prevent casinos from introducing measures like shuffle machines. Please understand this limitation.

Disclosure based on the SpecificCommercial Transactions Act


Representative Director: Masaru Horikiri

Location:Grand Century Place, Mongkok, Kowloon, 17/F, Tower 1, Hong Kong Hong Kong, Grand Century Place, Tower


Phone Number :050-1807-8785

Reception Hour: Weekdays 10:00~18:00

e-mail address:

website URL:

Selling Price :The prices as listed on each product's introduction page shall apply.

Delivery Schedule :Generally we will send it by email within 2 business days after purchase confirmation.

Payment Methods Payment Timing: Credit Card Payment: Payment will be confirmed at the time of ordering.

Refunds and Cancellations :You can cancel within 8 days of purchase.

Important Notice: We recommend a PC or VPS environment with 8GB or more of specifications and a sufficient internet connection.

Terms of Use

Article 1 - Formation of Contract

 The use of the services provided by NINJA TOOL SERVICE (hereinafter referred to as "Party A") shall be effective upon the consent of the purchaser (hereinafter referred to as "Party B").

 As a requirement for consent, the agreement shall be deemed established when Party A receives Party B's application for the use of services and payment, and Party A provides the services​

Article 2 - Object

 A license for the use of automatic trading tools and automatic playing tools using the internet through online server management.  Upgrades in the event of any issues affecting the operation due to measures taken by casino sites.​

Article 3 - Amendment of the Terms

 In accordance with Article 548-4 of the Civil Law, amendments to the terms are permissible. The effectiveness of the amendments shall be deemed valid from the moment Party A delivers them from the server.​

Article 4 - Payment Method and License Validity Period

 It shall be completed by Party B's payment to the payment processing service provider, and Party B shall bear the fees associated with the payment.

 After payment confirmation, Party A shall send Party B the installation instructions for the tool via email, and Party B can use the tool upon authentication by Party A from the management server after installation.

 The license validity period shall be one month, starting from the first day and ending at 24:00 on the 30th day. In the absence of a termination request from Party B, the license shall be automatically renewed.

 Party B understands that there may be server issues or other troubles while using the service. In the event of temporary unavailability due to any trouble, the deadline shall be extended for the number of days it was unavailable if it exceeds 24 hours.​

Article 5 - Sales Price

 The following amounts apply for each rank:

- Apprentice Ninja Rank

 - Initial Contract Fee:$ 0

 - Monthly Mission Fee: $0

※secret mode Monthly Mission Fee: $30

- Genin/Low Ninja Rank

 - Initial Contract Fee: $0

 - Monthly Mission Fee: $0

- Chunin/Middle Ninja Rank

 - Initial Contract Fee:$1500

 - Monthly Mission Fee: $1500

- Jonin/Upper Ninja Rank

 - Initial Contract Fee: $1500

 - Monthly Mission Fee:$ 2500

- Ultimate Ninja Rank

 - Initial Contract Fee: Determined through an interview for those who meet specific conditions​

Article 6 - Termination

 The tool usage fee is non-refundable under any circumstances. However, as an exception, full refunds will be provided if individuals under the specified age have registered, and they request a refund within 8 days from the application date.

 Party B shall apply for termination via email to Party A, and the termination shall be deemed effective upon Party B's acknowledgment. There will be no pro-rata calculation of usage fees for the termination month.

 Refunds will only be provided if there is a delay between the termination application and its acceptance that crosses over to the next month.

 Upon re-contracting, if the email address remains unchanged, the initial registration fee will not be required.​

Article 7 - Prohibited Activities

 This tool can only be used in countries and regions where online casino usage is permitted. Usage in prohibited countries or regions is strictly forbidden and constitutes a criminal offense, and Party B agrees to this. Party B shall be solely responsible for any consequences resulting from a violation of the terms.

 All rights, including copyrights, related to the tool belong to Party A. Any disclosure to third parties regarding this tool's service is strictly prohibited, and if Party B violates this, Party B must pay Party A 10,000$ as a penalty.

 If any of Party B's actions related to this service are in violation of laws, disadvantageous to Party A, or deemed inappropriate by Party A or other service providers, Party A may delete posts and suspend all services without notice or obtaining the user's consent.

 In the event of confirmed use-sharing or leakage of confidential information by third parties other than the individual concerned, Party B will be subject to immediate usage suspension and must pay Party A 50,000$ as lost profits and damages.​

Article 8 - Disclaimer

 Party B acknowledges and accepts all risks associated with the use of the services provided by Party A, including but not limited to account suspension, confiscation of winnings, and any other potential risks. In any case, including account suspension, loss of assets, falling below expected profits, or losses incurred by server errors, Party A shall not be held liable due to the nature of the service.​

Article 9 - Expression of Intent*

 Party B, by applying for the tool, has read and agreed to the terms of use, privacy policy, and all other terms by clicking the confirmation button for each item at the time of application. Party B's confirmation of the contract details is considered completed and agreed upon at that moment.

Article 10 - About the Service

 If circumstances necessitate changes or termination of the service, Party A must notify Party B via the server.​

Article 11 - Handling of Personal Information

 The handling of personal information is separately defined in the "Privacy Policy."​

Article 12 - Law

 All matters related to this tool shall be operated under the laws of Japan. Even if Party B is a foreign national residing outside of Japan, legal interpretations regarding the tool shall follow the laws of Japan.

Article 13 - Jurisdiction

 In the event of a legal issue, litigation shall take place in the court jurisdiction where Party A's main office is located in Japan.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as "this Policy") stipulates the terms of use for the online shop provided on this website by the Ninja Tool Service (hereinafter referred to as "our store"). All registered users (hereinafter referred to as "users") shall use this service in accordance with this Policy.​

Article 1 (Application)

1. This policy applies to all relationships related to the use of this service between the user and our store.

2. In addition to this policy regarding our service, our store may establish various rules and regulations for use (hereinafter referred to as "individual provisions"). Regardless of their names, these individual provisions form part of this policy.

3. If the provisions of this policy conflict with the provisions of the individual provisions in the preceding paragraph, unless otherwise specifically provided in the individual provisions, the provisions of the individual provisions shall take precedence.​

Article 2 (User Registration)

1. For this service, a registration applicant agrees to this policy and applies for user registration according to our store's prescribed method. User registration is completed when our store notifies the applicant of approval. 2. Our store may not approve a user registration application if it determines that the applicant has any of the following reasons and is not obligated to disclose the reasons:

a. If false information is provided during the user registration application.

b. If the application is from someone who has violated this policy.

c. In other cases where our store deems the user registration inappropriate.​

Article 3 (Management of User ID and Password)

1. Users are responsible for managing their user ID and password for this service.

2. Users may not, under any circumstances, transfer or lend their user ID and password to a third party or share them with a third party. If the combination of user ID and password matches the registered information and is used to log in, our store will consider it as use by the registered user.

3. Any damage caused by a third party using the user ID and password, unless due to our store's intentional or gross negligence, shall not be the responsibility of our store.​

Article 4 (Sales Contract)

1. In this service, a purchase contract is established when a user applies for a purchase to our store, and our store sends a notification accepting the application. All rights to the product belong to our store.

2. Our store may terminate the sales contract in the preceding paragraph without prior notice to the user if the user falls under any of the following reasons:

a. If the user violates this policy.

b. In other cases where the trust relationship between our store and the user is deemed to be damaged.

3. Payment methods, delivery methods, and purchase application cancellation methods related to this service shall be determined separately by our store​

Article 5 (Intellectual Property Rights)

1.The copyrights or other intellectual property rights of product photos, images, and other content (hereinafter referred to as "content") provided by this service belong to our store and legitimate right holders such as content providers. Users may not reproduce, reprint, modify, or make secondary use of these without permission.​

Article 6 (Prohibited Activities)

When using this service, users must not engage in the following activities:

1. Actions that violate laws or public order and morals.

2. Activities related to criminal behavior such as use in prohibited countries or regions.

3. Actions that infringe copyrights, trademark rights, and other intellectual property rights contained in this service.

4. Actions that destroy or disrupt the functions of our store's servers or networks.

5. Commercially exploiting information obtained through this service.

6. Activities that may hinder the operation of our store's services.

7. Unauthorized access or attempting to do so.

8. Collecting or accumulating personal information about other users.

9. Impersonating other users.

10. Actions related to providing direct or indirect benefits to anti-social forces in connection with our store's services.

11. Other activities that our store deems inappropriate​

Article 7 (Suspension or Interruption of Service Provision)

1. Our store may suspend or interrupt the provision of all or part of this service without prior notice to users if it determines that any of the following reasons exist:

a. When maintenance, inspection, or updates of the computer systems related to this service are conducted.

b. When it becomes difficult to provide this service due to force majeure such as earthquakes, lightning, fires, power outages, or natural disasters.

c. When computers or communication lines etc. stop due to accidents.

d. In other cases where our store determines that the provision of this service is difficult.

2. Our store shall not be liable for any disadvantages or damages suffered by users or third parties due to the suspension or interruption of the service, regardless of the reason.​

Article 8 (Usage Restrictions and Registration Cancellation)

1. In any of the following cases, our store may, without prior notice, restrict the user from using all or part of this service or cancel the user's registration:

a. In the event of a violation of any provision of this policy.

b. If it is found that there are false facts in the registration details

c. If the credit card reported by the user as a payment method has been suspended.

d. In the event of non-performance of payment obligations such as fees.

e. If there is no response to communication from our store for a certain period.

f. If there is no use of this service for a certain period since the last usage.

g. In other cases where our store deems the use of this service to be inappropriate.

2. Our store shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the user due to actions taken by our store based on this article.​

Article 9 (Withdrawal)

Users can withdraw from this service by following the prescribed withdrawal procedures.​

Article 10 (Disclaimer of Warranty and Exemption from Liability)

1. Our store does not guarantee that this service is free from factual or legal defects (including but not limited to defects, errors, or bugs related to safety, reliability, accuracy, completeness, effectiveness, suitability for a particular purpose, security, and infringements of rights).

2. Our store shall not be responsible for any damages caused to the user by this service. However, if the contract (including this policy) between our store and the user regarding this service is a consumer contract as defined by the Consumer Contract Act, this exemption clause shall not apply. Nevertheless, even in this case, our store will not be liable for any damages caused by special circumstances (including cases where our store or the user foresaw or could have foreseen the occurrence of the damages) due to our negligence (excluding gross negligence).

3. Our store is not responsible for any transactions, communications, or disputes, etc., that arise between users and other users or third parties in connection with this service.​

Article 11 (Change of Service Content, etc.)

1.Our store can change the content of this service or discontinue the provision of this service without notifying the user, and will not be responsible for any damages caused to the user as a result.​

Article 12 (Changes to the Privacy Policy)

1.Our store reserves the right to change this policy whenever deemed necessary without prior notice to the users. If a user begins using the service after changes to this policy, it is deemed that the user has agreed to the updated terms.​

Article 13 (Handling of Personal Information)

1.Our store will handle personal information obtained through the use of this service appropriately and in accordance with our "Privacy Policy."​

Article 14 (Notifications and Communications)

Notifications and communications between the user and our store will be made via email. Unless the user notifies our store of any changes in the contact information in the manner prescribed by our store separately, the contact information currently registered is considered valid. Any notifications or communications to that address are deemed to have reached the user upon dispatch.​

Article 15 (Prohibition of Transfer of Rights and Obligations)

1.The user may not transfer their position in the usage contract or rights and obligations based on this policy to a third party, nor provide them as collateral, without the prior written consent of our store.​

Article 16 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

1. The interpretation of this policy shall be governed by Japanese law. It is also stipulated that the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods shall not apply to this service.

2. In the event of any disputes arising in relation to this service, the courts having jurisdiction over the location of our store's main office shall have exclusive agreed jurisdiction.



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